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Anjou Brossard Kirkland Laval Quebec
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About Us

iSaute Trampoline parks transforms 30,000 square feet into wall to wall fun. There is a section for jumping, basketball and dodgeball court on trampolines as well. Also, we have foam pits so that jumpers can attempt aerial tricks and slacklining as well as a section reserved for our littlest jumpers and much more.

Specialized in active fun, iSaute trampoline parks offers a new and exciting way to keep in physical shape and offers a sporty and diversified activity. The wall-to-wall trampolines are for all people interested in doing an outing that is dynamic and active. It is an activity that is diverse and accessible to all ages, shapes and sizes. ‘If you can walk, you can jump, and you will surely want to try!

Our Vision

To deliver a once in a lifetime experience every single day!

Our Mission

Our mission is to reinvigorate community socialization through imaginative spaces designed to encourage active play, group celebration, interactive learning, and the freedom to fly.

Our Values

  1. We are believers in imagination.
  2. We are adventurous and playful which underscores that emotional connectivity matters. People matter.
  3. We are celebratory and excitable through a passion for community and a sense of belonging.
  4. We guide our Guests to play within their abilities and we encourage self-improvement.
  5. We are accountable and results driven, through our commitment to our Guests, our community, and to each other.

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